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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Look through different eyes


You ask me to look, when your talking to me,
So I'm going to tell you, what I actually see,
My worlds slightly different, that much is true,
I see more than words when I'm looking at you.

You see it as ignorance, when I look away,
But watching you talk, I see everything you say,
Your mouth moves too fast, it's like watching a train,
Your nose twitches too, it drives me insane.

There's marks on you teeth, was it garlic again?,
Thirty two freckles and spots you have ten,
You blink really fast, when your angry you know,
Not to mention the scar that's shaped like a bow.

Yet, I'm supposed to listen, with all this going on,
If I look away, it's me in the wrong,
I'm just trying to listen, I don't think your aware,
So please, just think twice, don't ask me to stare.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How Dare You? I'm Livid

I will apologise in advance for this post, I know I am normally upbeat and full of laughter but some people DRIVE you to insanity. Let me explain.
I took Dannie, now 17, to her first adult neurology appointment, as she is now of adult age she was recently transferred from child to adult services. We sat through the usual blabber of past history bla bla bla, things were going as usual, I was answering the questions while Dannie totally ignored the doctor. ( nothing new there.) Then out of the blue came the comment from the consultant. "Oh I see you are of child bearing age." I woke up sharp idly from this comment, even Dannie looked rather taken back.
I replied for Dannie along the lines of yes but that is not an issue at present.
Only to be told that it was her job to inform Dannie of the consequences, me being me, nice but dim, thought she was about to inform Dannie of the birds and bees. I sort of sniggered to myself and thought go on then, knowing Dannie's reaction to such a conversation.
I nearly hit the floor and then the consultant when she finally blurted out " You do realise if you do decide to have children, they WILL be disabled. I advise you think very carefully before starting a family.
Now I have had some close calls over the years where my fist nearly got the better of me but I can honestly say the air was blue and I physically sat on my hands.
Dannie's reaction, well thanks for putting me off before I've even started.
If this is the sight of things to come under the adult services you can think again. I will not allow my daughter to go through that again. EVER
Has anyone got the right to tell someone that? Let alone anyone with AS

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Warning this post may offend people

Ive been debating for days on wither to post this or not,and I know it will offend people which it is not intended to do, but when I staed this blog I swore I would be honest and show all sides of Aspergers, no holds barred. Which I believe I have done up till now, I asked Dannie if it was ok in her mind to write this one and she is quite happy and oblivious to any harm from it. So here goes, I suppose to me one of the hardest things to deal with when dealing with Aspergers is the constant innocent comments that offend others and gets blurted out at the most inconvenient times. I have had many 'Encounters' shall we say with others over Dannie's innocently said but brutal comments about others. It's a hard subject to talk freely about because parents and others are so embarrassed by their child's comments that they would rather forget them and I don't know maybe pretend it was never said. It certainly isn't discussed freely. Sorry I'm babbling, back to the point. Well those of you who have Aspergers in the family will be aware of words, sayings and songs which get repeated over and over sometimes for months until the next word or phrase comes along. Well at the moment Dannies song choice which she is repeating over and over is a few lines from the song banana boat, you know the one, Day-O, Day-O, Daylight come and we wanna go home. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, WRONG, as we all have done at some point or other Dannie has got the words wrong and when she sings the next verse she sings, wait for it, I apologise in advance, Come Mr Taliban, Tally your Banannas. As you can imagine such a thing being sung outside, at full pelt, would and does NOT go down well. I have had to ban Dannie from singing it and she really doesn't understand why. Even banning her from singing it is hard to keep up as it just blurts out, out of the blue and she said she can't help it as the song is stuck in her head. She got so upset I had to try and explain, the best way I found to explain it was that it was like sneezing, you can't stop it from happening it just happens, and sometimes due to the Aspergers, I explained that sometimes she verbally sneezes, but the verbal words can offend others, another example would be when a friend asked her does her bum look big in an outfit, Dannies answer was " Depends, if you are comparing it to a rhino then no." needless to say they fell out. That judgement we have that stops us from saying what we think? Aspergers people have a lack of but why should we judge them for saying what we all think but are to polite or afraid to say? Should we really be scolding our kids for being honest and saying exactly what they see? I'm in two minds, but I have asked Dannie that if she feels she is about to verbally sneeze her song, she has to cover her mouth and try her best to refrain. Not because I take offence of her innocent song choice, but purely for the sake of others, is that truly fair?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Free Kindle version of The Shopping Trip

I am so sorry I mean't to get this post out as soon as the promotion started but I got my dates wrong I have placed this book on promotion, free of charge until 21st April I hope you all enjoy reading and would love some feedback if possible. Happy reading

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dannie's quote of the day

I suppose this subject is one that every parent in the world dreads, Talking to strangers.
I can honestly say this is one of the hardest things I have had to try and explain to Dannie.
A perfect example is when Dannie first started speaking to anyone and everyone, actually she still does. But in this particular incident we were on a bus home and I was starting to tell Dannie how dangerous speaking to strangers would be, I told her what every parent does that they may take you away and that I may never see her again which to me was a frightening enough way to make it very clear that some strangers are dangerous.
Dannie's answer was " what is a stranger" and I replied that it was someone you didn't know. Dannie being Dannie asked "how do I know if I know them" the conversation was getting intense and if I'm honest rather confusing so made it as simple as I could and told her. "if you don't know their name then they are a stranger" simple enough to understand I hear you say, well, this is Dannie so she did no more than to turn round to a lady sitting behind us on the bus and proceeded to ask the lady"what is your name" The lady was quite taken aback by the sudden conversation so the lady asked Dannie "why would you need to know such a thing" and Dannies answer as I'm sure you have all worked out by now was " well if I know your name then your not a stranger anymore.
How do you answer that?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dannie's Fun Movie Night Quiz

ok this one is just for fun.
I need you to imagine for a minute you have arranged for the whole family to enjoy a dvd night together, you are all settled, popcorn at the ready, everyone has drinks and you have all agreed on the dvd to watch. So you have the image in your head? Ok here we go.
Firstly I want you all to raise one hand in the air. Go on no ones watching, just raise your hand, good now put your hand down if you would manage to get through the whole film without telling your A.S child to sit still.
Still up? Ok For those of you who still have there hands up put your hand down if you can get through the film without telling your child to stop shouting.
Looking good, now again put your hand down if you manage to get through the film without your child thinking you must have been on another planet and not watched the film and they tell you what has just happened.
My arm is starting to ache hows yours? Again put your hand down if you manage to get through the film without your child reciting word for word what someone in the film said.
Try and stay with me, Now put your hand down if you can manage to get through the film without your child talking about something that happened ten minutes earlier in the film.
Nearly done I know it aches but we are almost there, Lastly put your hand down if you manage to get through the whole film without your child asking "Did you see that?"
If you still have your hand up well you'll be glad to know thw torment is over you can put your hand down, also wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes I have an important announcement to make, This Is Perfectly Normal For An A.S Child. I hope this makes you feel slightly better knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dannie's quote of the day

Hi all, before we begin it has been brought to my attention that now Dannie is older it seems her friends have taken an interest in this blog, so Hi Guys nice to see you here.
Now I have to put these posts by Dannie to make sure she doesn't mind her friends knowing.
So here goes, this is a slight extension on the prawns lol.
When Dannie was younger, she was supposed to be in bed but the night in question Dannie couldn't sleep. I was on the phone when she came into the living room, as she just sat next to me I carried on with the phone call, completely forgetting what was on tv. As I turned to look at Dannie to see if she was ok I realised she was watching tv. I said to the person on the phone I think I better turn the tv off Dannie is watching a serial killer on the loose.
Thinking that the murders would disturb Dannie I was just about to turn the tv to a different channel when Dannie started laughing hysterically when asked what she was laughing at she said the man just chopped that woman's head off and it's rolling down the stairs.
Needless to say I gave Dannie a very concerned look and when I asked her if it bothered her at all she just shook her head and kept laughing.
That was until the worse possible thing on this earth could of happened, the head bounced off the stairs hit a fish tank and smashed the tank to bits, this was when Dannie stopped laughing and demanded that the killer should do no more than pick the fish up and take them back to the sea.!!!!
This rant lasted a good hour and she would not go back to sleep until I told her a little white lie and said that the nice police man found the fish and took them home to put in his fish tank.
As we all know when a serial killer is on the loose the first thing the police do is grab a fish. Lol