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Monday, 18 January 2010

review By Kathryn

I read this book with my 10yr old son who has aspergers,I found it an interesting and unique insight into living with an AS child and also a relief to see that many of the problems we face are also experienced by others.Whilst reading some of 'Dannies' thoughts I asked my son if that was the way he felt during similar circumstances and his response was " well duh, doesn't everybody " which I took as a yes and it has made me more aware of his reactions whilst we are out.

The only slightly negative point I have is that although we discussed which solution he would have gone for and which I would haved liked him to take he wanted to know which 'Dannie' had chosen and which her mum would have preferred,not in the context of which was the right and which the wrong choice but because he wanted to know if our choices were the same as yours.On that note maybe it would be possible to add at the end which choice 'Dannie' made?

All in all though we enjoyed the book and look forward to reading another.

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